Year in Review 2020

CalMod 2020 Successes

Caltrain is making progress towards becoming a faster, greener, cleaner, and more reliable system for everyone. Electrification is modernizing the 150-year-old corridor with state-of-the-art electric trains and infrastructure. Despite working in the midst of a global pandemic, CalMod construction and manufacturing were able to make significant progress in 2020.

Together we are investing in smart infrastructure for our future. Here’s a look at this year’s accomplishments.

Electric Trains

The first electric trains rolled off the assembly line in 2020. Forty-six train cars are now in assembly (see the latest assembly videos) and testing of the first seven-car trainset commenced in Salt Lake City. We also launched a virtual reality tour allowing riders to experience the look and feel of the new high-performance trains. The excitement continues in 2021, when the first trainset will operate at higher speeds at a special track in Pueblo, Colorado.

Check out our gallery to see more photos.

Caltrain sontruction truck installing foundation and poles


This year, every city along the 51-mile corridor was touched by either preparations or infrastructure installations that will power the new electric trains. Over 2,000 foundations and 1,400 poles have been installed between San Francisco and San Jose! Construction is also underway on nine of the ten traction power facilities which will provide, distribute, and regulate electricity to the new trains. Construction of the overhead contact system in the four San Francisco tunnels was also completed in 2020.

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Experience the future of Caltrain

Virtual Reality

The CalMod team launched an immersive virtual reality experience offering the public a first-hand look at the new trains. Riders can explore the lower, mid, and upper levels of three different cars, experience the train during the day or night, and view new features and amenities such as digital display screens and seat plugs to charge personal devices. Over 500 of the commemorative Caltrain-branded VR viewers were distributed to the public. The campaign also included a live event and social media games. Over 6,000 people have visited the experience. Check it out here.


In 2020, the CalMod team reached out to the community in a variety of ways, despite COVID-19.