CalMod 2019 Successes

CalMod 2019 Successes

Caltrain is making progress towards realizing an environmentally-friendly, fast, and reliable electric commuter rail service. Caltrain Electrification is modernizing the 150-year old corridor by supporting clean air, reduced noise pollution, and greater train capacity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together we are investing in smart infrastructure for our future. Here’s a look at our successes for 2019.

Electric Trains

The new high-performance electric trains really took shape this year. In May, we celebrated the grand opening of the new Stadler manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. This facility will create hundreds of local jobs and was made possible by the Caltrain contract. Currently, 28 train cars are in different stages of assembly. The excitement continues in 2020, when the first seven-car trainset will be coupled together and tested at a special test track facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

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Caltrain workers laying down the train track


This year, every city along the 51-mile corridor was touched by either preparations for or installations of the infrastructure that will power the new electric trains. Over 1400 foundations and 750 poles have been installed between San Francisco and San Jose! Construction also started on several traction power facilities which will provide, distribute, and regulate electricity to the new trains. We work hard behind the scenes to make sure CalMod advances with minimal impact to our ~65,000 daily riders.

To view a timelapse of a pole installation, check out this video.

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Jobs Created in CA and Nationwide

We celebrated the amazing job opportunities and economic benefits that result from Caltrain Electrification by highlighting some of the jobs in a new video. In California, and all across the U.S., the project is creating thousands of jobs in various fields. Once complete, the new electric trains will bring numerous benefits to serve a region that contributes strength to the national economy.

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In 2019, the CalMod team reached out to the community in a variety of ways to provide updates on upcoming construction work, share important safety information, gather input from riders, and generate excitement about the project.

Children enjoying a model roadshow event

Model Train Roadshow

Riders young and old were excited to get a look at a miniature model of the future electric trains as the display traveled to 12 locations in nine cities along the corridor. Over 1,000 flyers and bookmarks were handed out at roadshow stops! If you are interested in the model train visiting your organization, fill out the form here.

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Safety Campaign

In preparation for the electric overhead wire installation for the new electric trains, the CalMod team promoted awareness and safety around the new wires. The Safety Campaign included a safety quiz, social media posts, and an educational video. The video was viewed over 100,000 times! Check it out here.

Learn more about how the Electrification Project is laying the foundation for service future growth with the Caltrain Business Plan here.