San Francisco Tunnel Work

Caltrain is performing work on the four train tunnels in San Francisco to pave the way for Caltrain Electrification and to bring the tracks to a state of good repair.

As of September 2019, crews have created additional clearance and installed anchor bolts in the tunnel ceilings to facilitate the installation of the overhead contact system that will power the new electric trains. Crews have also completed track and drainage work in the tunnels to ensure the system is in a state of good repair.

The remaining work will be completed in 2020. Crews will reconstruct the southernmost tunnel entrance and install the overhead contact system (conductor rail and wires) inside the tunnels.

Due to the nature of the construction, there may be temporary, localized noise impacts during construction activities. Crews will be working around the clock on weekends and during the night on weekdays.

San Francisco Caltrain Tunnels Map

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