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11/18/2016 | Gilroy Patch
Caltrain electrification prep work underway

11/08/2016 | RT&S
Caltrain starts pre-construction for electrification project

9/27/2016 | The Daily Journal
Judge gives Caltrain electrification green light

9/02/2016 | The Daily Journal
Gov. Jerry Brown considers Caltrain electrification bill

8/16/2016 | Press Release
CalSTA awards electrification project $20 million cap and trade grant

8/16/2016 | International Railway Journal
Caltrain awards $US 1.25bn train and electrification contracts

8/16/2016 | TheStreet
Balfour Beatty wins railway contract in California

8/16/2016 | Railway Age
For Caltrain, 16 KISSes from Stadler (but no FLIRTs)

8/16/2016 | EveningStar
Balfour Beatty finds way to San Jose with electric line

8/16/2016 | Global Construction
Balfour Beatty secures 524 million US rail project

8/15/2016 | ABC7 News
New Contract Signed to Electrify Caltrain

8/15/2016 | Railway Gazette
Caltrain signs double-deck EMU and electrification contracts

7/26/2016 | Peninsula Moves!
Caltrain electrification: Voices for modernization

7/12/2016 | Railway Technology
Caltrain approves $1.25b contracts as part of the PCEP

7/11/2016 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain awards $1.25 billion worth of electrification contracts

7/08/2016 | RailwayAge Magazine
Caltrain awards electrification, EMU contracts

7/08/2016 | Railway Gazette
San Francisco – San Jose electrification and EMU contracts approved

7/08/2016 | International Railway Journal
Caltrain approves electrification and EMU contracts

7/08/2016 | The Daily Journal
Caltrain rolls to electrification

7/08/2016 | Global Rail News
Contracts awarded for Caltrain electrification project

7/07/2016 | StreetsBlog SF
It’s a go for Caltrain electrification

7/07/2016 | Press Release
Caltrain’s board approves electrification design-build and EMU contracts

5/06/2016 | RT&S
Caltrain modernization program secures additional funds

5/06/2016 | The Daily Journal
Design of new trains rolling out

5/06/2016 | The Daily Journal
Modern trains need big money

5/06/2016 | Railway Age
Caltrain Modernization funding increased

5/05/2016 | Press Release
Caltrain’s board approves multi-party Caltrain modernization funding agreement

4/28/2016 | Press Release
SF women’s transportation seminar to honor transit district comployee

4/06/2016 | Press Release
Caltrain executive director testifies on draft HSR business plan

3/09/2016 | Press Release
Court rules blended system ok under Prop1A

3/09/2016 | MTC 2016 Report to Congress, page 8-9
Electrifying Caltrain is a regional core capacity priority

2/18/2016 | Press Release
Caltrain statement on high speed rail business plan

2/16/2016 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain statement on high speed rail business plan

2/11/2016 | San Francisco Examiner
Obama Proposes Hundreds of Millions for BART, Muni, Caltrain

2/11/2016 | Global Rail News
Caltrain Electrification to Receive Funding Boost

2/10/2016 | KRON4 News
President Obama asks Congress for $125m for Caltrain electrification

2/10/2016 | Press Release
Obama administration advances funds for Caltrain electrification

2/05/2016 | The Daily Journal
New leader for Caltrain electrification

2/04/2016 | San Jose Mercury News
Caltrain: Interim chief modernization officer named

2/04/2016 | Press Release
Former SFMTA, VTA CEO to lead Caltrain modernization program

Winter ’16 | Caltrain Connection
Caltrain modernization updates


October 2015 | Ion Network
World’s Greatest: Caltrain – CalMod reference

Caltrain E-News: Summer Edition

7/30/2015 | Progressive Railroading
San Francisco Agency Awards $20 million to Caltrain Project

7/30/2015 | KRON4
Board Approves $20M Caltrain Electrification Project

7/30/2015 | Railroad Track & Structure
Caltrain Electrification Project gets $20 million Boost from Air District

7/30/2015 | International Railway Journal
Air Quality Board Approves Funding for Caltrain Electrification

7/30/2015 | Mercury News
Air District Board Approves $20m for Caltrain Electrification Project

Air District Awards $20 Million to Caltrain Electrification Project

7/27/2015 | San Mateo Daily Journal
Air district may chip in for Caltrain electrification

7/17/2015 | San Mateo Daily Journal
Jerry Hill Seeks More Cap and Trade Funds for Transit: Caltrain’s Plans for Electrification Could Benefit

Surface Transportation Board Determines Caltrain’s Electrification Project is not within it’s Jurisdiction

7/6/2015 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain, Trade Councils OK Labor Pact for Electrification

Caltrain Board Approves Project Labor Agreement for Electrification

7/22/2015 | Campbell Patch
Caltrain Video Details ‘New Advanced Signal System’

7/18/2015 | Railway Age
PTC for the masses

5/21/2015 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain Workshop Focuses on New Electric Train Cars

Caltrain to Hold Special Workshop on Electric Train Cars

March 2015
Caltrain E-News: Winter Edition

2/10/2015 | International Rail Journal
Caltrain to invite electrification proposals

2/06/2015 | International Railway Journal
Caltrain Board Authorizes Release of Electrification Design Build RFP


Caltrain Sets Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal for Electrification Project

12/4/2014 | San Francisco Business Times
San Francisco Agency Awards $20 million to Caltrain Project

12/5/2014 | The San Jose Mercury
Caltrain Takes Big Step Towards $1.5 Billion Electrification

12/4/2014 | The Daily Journal
Report Outlines Impacts of Caltrain Electrification

12/5/2014 | RT&S
Caltrain Releases Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project FEIR

12/5/2014 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain Unveils Final Environmental Report for Electrification Project; OK’s Rail-Car Purchase

Caltrain Updates Cost and Schedule for Electrification Project

10/27/2014 | San Mateo Daily Journal
Caltrain Announces Formation of Caltrain Commuter Coalition

10/27/2014 | Progressive Railroading
FRA Gives Caltrain Green Light to Start PTC Implementation

Caltrain Receives FRA Approval to Proceed with New Positive Train Control System

10/7/2014 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain Cleared to Advance Design-Build Plans for Electrification

10/7/2014 | The Daily Journal
Caltrain for Design/Build Plans for Electrification

Caltrain Gets Clearance to Proceed with Design/Build Plans for Electrification

Fall 2014
Caltrain Connection

9/12/2014 | Global Rail News
Caltrain Ask Passengers to Help Design New Trains

9/8/2014 | Railway Age
Caltrain Seeks Input on Electric Train Plans

August 2014 | Transportation and Infrastructure Magazine
Caltrain Modernization Program

July 2014 | Potrero View
Caltrain to Go Electric Starting in 2019

July 2014
CalMod Infographic

Summer 2014
Caltrain Connection

June 25, 2014
Caltrain Applauds Passage of State Budget with Strong Transportation Funding

June, 2014
CalMod E-News: Summer Edition

Caltrain Modernization Takes Another Step Forward with RFQ

March, 2014
CalMod E-News: Spring Edition

5/20/2014 | SF Examiner
Caltrain and CHSR: A partnership to improve rail service along the Peninsula

Caltrain Releases Electrification Project Draft Environmental Impact Report

1/16/2014 | The Daily Journal
High-Speed Rail: Partnering with Caltrain

1/11/2014 | The Daily Journal
Caltrain Modernization Video

Winter 2013/2014
Caltrain Connection

2013 & Earlier

Caltrain Modernization Kicks Off Advanced Signal System Work

Community Leaders Rally Support for Caltrain Modernization’s $20 Million Grant Application

Bay Area Council Caltrain Issues Caltrain Modernization Economic Report

Caltrain Applauds MTC Endorsement of Regional Agreement to Fund Modernization

Federal Grant Moves Modernization of Caltrain Corridor Forward

Caltrain Passes Key Milestone in Modernization Effort