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Learn more about Caltrain electrification, Caltrain service improvements, or the CalMod program in general by viewing the resources below.

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News & Media


11/17/2017 | Currents
PG&E Begins Relocating Electric Facilities to Support Caltrain Electrification
Link to PDF

10/7/2017 | San Mateo Daily Journal
Caltrain Plans to Expand Bike Access on Electrified Trains
Link to PDF

8/31/2017 | San Francisco Examiner
Caltrain solicits public input on bike storage
Link to PDF

8/8/2017 | Press Release
Caltrain Seeks Input on Bike Storage for New Electric Trains
Link to PDF

8/2/2017 | Press Release
Poll Shows Riders Preference on Seats for New Electric Trains
Link to PDF

7/21/2017 | Press Release
Caltrain Hosts Groundbreaking for Electrification Project
Link to PDF

6/1/2017 | Press Release
Poll Shows riders Preference on New High-Performance Electric Trains
Link to PDF

5/4/2017 | Press Release
Caltrain Launches Website to Guide Design of New High-Performance Electric Trains
Link to PDF

5/22/2017 | Press Release
Statement attributed to Jim Hartnett, General Manager and CEO of Caltrain
Link to PDF

5/2/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
Caltrain gets $100 million in tentative federal budget deal
Link to PDF

5/2/2017 | Press Release
Caltrain Electrification Funding Included in 2017 Federal Budget
Link to PDF

4/26/2017 | StreetsBlog SF
Fate of Caltrain Electrification Coming with Trump’s Budget
Link to PDF

4/25/2017 | Mountain View Voice
SF, Peninsula officials urge feds to OK Caltrain funds
Link to PDF

4/25/2017 | SFBay.ca
Officials press Trump to help electrify Caltrain
Link to PDF

4/24/2017 | The Registry
Bay Area Council Joins Reps. Eshoo, Speier and Other Leaders in Urging Trump Administration to Release Caltrain Electrification Funding
Link to PDF

4/22/2017 | The Washington Post
Though shovels are ready, Trump officials delay grant for Caltrain upgrade
Link to PDF

3/28/2017 | Modesto Bee
Denying California rail money damages more than state, it hurts the country
Link to PDF

3/24/2017 | San Jose Mercury News
Caltrain electrification needed for both U.S. and local economy
Link to PDF

3/23/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
Washington’s politics shouldn’t block a needed Caltrain upgrade
Link to PDF

3/21/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
Brown ‘cautiously optimistic’ about federal Caltrain funding
Link to PDF

3/21/2017 | Sacramento Bee
Jerry Brown meets with Republicans, ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Caltrain approval
Link to PDF

3/14/2017 | Wall Street Journal
No Good Reason to Block Caltrain’s Planned Upgrade
Link to PDF

3/13/2017 | RailwayAge
Caltrain electrification proponents lobby Capitol Hill
Link to PDF

3/13/2017 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain’s Hartnett lobbies in D.C. for electrification project
Link to PDF

3/13/2017 | New York Times
A Silicon Valley Train Gets Stuck
Link to PDF

3/12/2017 | Press Release
Major Employers Join Caltrain Executive Director Jim Hartnett in Washington D.C. to Advocate for Caltrain Electrification
Link to PDF

3/6/2017 | New York Times
In Silicon Valley, Caltrain Upgrade Is Imperiled as Trump Withholds Funds
Link to PDF

3/3/2017 | AASHTO Journal
Caltrain Reaches Agreement with Major Project Contractors to Extend March 1 Deadline
Link to PDF

3/1/2017 | KQED News, The California Report
With Caltrain Project in Danger, Bay Area Delegation Plans Lobbying Trip to D.C.
Link to PDF

2/28/2017 | San Jose Mercury News
Caltrain: Agreement with contractors to extend deadline keeps electrification project alive
Link to PDF

2/28/2017 | Progressive Railroading
Caltrain pushes back start date for electrification construction
Link to PDF

2/28/2017 | The Daily Journal
Caltrain buys time for electrification
Link to PDF

2/28/2017 | Mountain View Voice
Caltrain gets 3-month extension for electrification project
Link to PDF

2/27/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
Caltrain acts to keep electrification plan alive
Link to PDF

2/27/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
With Trump hitting brakes on Caltrain upgrade, S.F. puts its cash on hold
Link to PDF

2/27/2017 | Press Release
Caltrain Reaches Agreement with Contractors to Extend March 1 Deadline
Link to PDF

2/24/2017 | ENO Transportation Weekly
USDOT Puts Bay Area Commuter Rail Project on Hold

2/24/2017 | KQED Radio, Forum
Transit Advocates Imagine Caltrain’s Future as Trump Administration Delays Funding
Link to PDF

2/24/2017 | Sacramento Bee
Kevin McCarthy displays his clout, for good and ill
Link to PDF

2/23/2017 | The Atlantic, CityLab
In California’s Commuter Rail Drama, Nobody’s a Winner
Link to PDF

2/23/2017 | Wired
Why Trump’s Attack on a California Railroad Should Trouble You

2/22/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
Politics derails Caltrain plan
Link to PDF

2/22/2017 | The Daily Journal
Finding a political solution for Caltrain electrification
Link to PDF

2/21/2017 | The Hill
California agency urges Trump to allow funds for commuter rail project
Link to PDF

2/17/2017 | Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Link to Statement

2/17/2017 | Congresswoman Jackie Speier
Congresswoman Speier Urges Trump Administration not to Defer Caltrain Electrification Grant
Link to PDF

2/17/2017 | Press Release
Caltrain Electrification Grant Deferred

2/16/2017 | Slate
If Elaine Chao Axes This Bay Area Rail Funding, We’ll Know She’s Politicizing Transportation

2/14/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
GOP must not defund Caltrain electrification grant

2/14/2017 | KRON4
Caltrain riders say overcrowding has become an issue on trains

2/10/2017 | San Francisco Chronicle
Caltrain’s electrification project deserves its promised funding

2/08/2017 | Caltrain Statement
Electrification must move forward

2/08/2017 | The Daily Journal
Op-Ed: Caltrain electrification must move forward

2/07/2017 | San Jose Mercury News
Editorial: Kevin McCarthy should support grant for Caltrain electrification

1/09/2017 | The Daily Journal
Electric Trains Get Cash Infusion

Archived Stories

Calmod Documents

Visit the CalMod document library for documents related to the overall CalMod program, such as the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).